A well known topic for everyone Enrique fan.....Your opinion???

Ok guys and gals, I have heard so many different things over the years, so I finally decided to ask the question that seems to be quite a popular question among all the Enrique fans. So I would like you opinion....thought it would be an interesting topic question?

Do you think Enrique has a personal facebook account?

Now I know he always says that he doesn't have a personal facebook account. But there are other times when this seems that it might not be entirely true. There are lots of profiles of Enrique on facebook. To even begin considering which was is actually real....is just a huge mental headache. My personal opinion is that none of them are the actual profile of the real Enrique Iglesias.

However.....when asked which her prefers (Facebook or Twitter) he answers facebook. However he is on Twitter quite a bit.


I have heard (not sure if it's true) that Enrique has told fans that he does have a personal account but no one will ever be able to find him. Now we all know how Enrique likes to kid around....so is this another one of his jokes. LOL.

And if he is on facebook, do you think he uses Enrique Iglesias or do you think he would do the same thing he did when he went to sell his first song....use a fictitious name. 
All of you opinions are welcome :)

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He has but not able to everyone


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