In collaboration with Save The Children, an exclusive Enrique Iglesias Shirt (Special Edition) will be auctioned to those attending the show in New York on July 1st. Only attendees to the New York show on Saturday, July 1st may participate!

Participants must follow these guidelines from now until, Friday, June 30th at 1:00 PM PST.

  • If you are not a member yet, register at
  • Leave a comment in this thread with your auction -- the highest bidder (the winner) will get to go backstage with a member of Enrique’s team to get their shirt signed by Enrique AND will also get to attend the Meet and Greet!

Winner must deposit the money in cash.


En colaboración con Save The Children, realizaremos una subasta de la playera exclusiva de Enrique Iglesias (Special Edition) solo para los asistentes al show de New York el Sabado, 1 de Julio.

Los participantes deberán seguir las siguientes indicaciones a partir de este momento y hasta el Viernes, 1 de Junio hasta las 1:00PM PST.

  • Si aún no eres miembro, registrarse en
  • Deja un comentario aquí con tu subasta – la subasta más alta (el ganador) tendrá la oportunidad de ir backstage a que Enrique le firme la playera Y también tendrá la oportunidad de asistir al Meet and Greet junto con un acompañante.

El ganador debe depositar el dinero en efectivo (moneda local).

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game over. its past 1 PM PST.


Congratulations to whoever won and have a great time with Enrique tonight
So out of you that bid who won? And how was your meeting with Enrique?

I thought I had the last bid before it turned to 1:01 pm but it wasn't me.  How was the meeting Ally?

and the winner was......????  Hope someone did?

Who was the winner and what time does the bid have to be completed by?    The instructions are not clear and its difficult to know who will win or how and when to bid?

This has been on ongoing issue for a long time and previous comments continue to be ignored by the EI Team or whoever is running this website.

Who won?  Did anyone win?   What time was the winning bid placed? What time does it need to be in by?   Is there a cutoff?   If yes, is the cutoff 12:59 and 59 seconds?   Is it 1:00 and 01 seconds?  is it 1:00 and 59 seconds? is it the highest bid no matter what time it is after 1 pm?  

Also what is the status for the Canada shows?  Last time I looked there, the fans were confused and trying to answer each other instead of an EI Team member.  There was a family that traveled to Canada for the show.  They asked if they can try to go to another show since they won or thought they won.  

I don't think Enrique or Save The Children would be happy with the way this contest is run.  Just my opinion.  Both are class acts and this process is awful.   

I hope you are feeling better Enrique Iglesias!!!!  

To the EI Team,

There has been no response to my note below sent last Friday  I bid on this auction and even though my bids were less than other bids and I was not.......

the last bidder before 1

or the first bidder after 1

or the last bidder before 1:01

I would like to know for future reference how this auction works.     In the past I thought I had won the auction but I did not win.  Who won and what time was the winning bid placed and what was the amount of the winning bid?   

If no one won, can you share why there was no winner?

Please respond.    Thank you.


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