Hey guys, I haven't posted here in quite awhile but I had to share this with you guys. I was working this morning and I used the white pages website to look up an address for someone. If you go to the home page they have a picture of this guy that I swear to god is Enrique. His hands look the same, the bottom of his face look the face, his smile, his appearance and he is holding a red cell phone. I wish the didn't cut off the top of his face. Tell me what you think. Here is the link to the website. Its www.whitepages.com 

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Hmmm, don't think so !

Hildeke !

No I don't think so either

This is not Enrique!

Hi you..close but no cigar....LOL...

His lips are not right...

Have a fun day and thanks for sayin hi!!!  Miss you...

I agree!

Nope it's not EI

No bottom lip is too thin, incorrect jaw line & fingers aren't skinny enough. I'm obsessed bahahaha

LOL..... I know it isn't him because if you bring up the site it shows the whole picture but I thought it fun because it's pretty close. Miss all you guys. I work crazy long hours so I never get a chance to get on here. But keep on rocking :)

I don't think so. Those aren't Enrique's lips..


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