I have read that sometimes Enrique appears drunk on stage. I would be very surprised that he would drink enough to affect his performance. When someone is unaware that they have diabetes certain symptoms of the disease can manifest to make someone appear drunk. Please get your blood sugar checked, Enrique. Your health and life may depend on it.

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We all are waiting for Enrique, he's the only one who knows what's the problem. We, the fans can guess, but only he knows the truth, what makes him sad. Maybe he's very happy, only we think he is not...

On the other hand - he has a private life, which we have nothing to do. 

Well, sickness and fatigue can make a person feel miserable. Perhaps once he feels physically healthier his mood will lift.

The absence of someone he needed most!

A gift from God that he never touch!

Do you mean that Brazillian models people always mention? 


I am so sad to hear all these  things about Enrique my heart was bleeding and hurt full of worries , I will do something 

to convince him to live again   it's my mission, If I have the right to say then you will know the reason

But maybe I have say maybe once....BE ALIVE AGAIN Enrique I will be back

I pray to God for your good health... LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I wouldn't believe everything you read on here until it is confirmed by Enrique team alot of people think they know him personally to feel they can comment.
Yes,his voice wasn't great in Santander and he looked exhausted i just hope some decent R and R until the next show.

Nobody on this foruim is a personal friend or family member so don't beleive anything about his health and happiness based on what fans say.  He travels a lot and meets so many people that of course he is going to get sick often.  Don't read too much into things.

We all love him and wish him the best.

You're absolutely right!


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