the closest guy to looking like enrique ...

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sorry, i don't see it =/

i don't think he looks like Enrique...

No  I can't see the resemblance either.........
he looks completely different!

No No

My dear there's no resemblance at all!


i dotn think he looks like Kike

sorry :/

you keep posting this guys picture and asking the same question.  NO he doesn't look like Enrique.
I dont see anything in which this guy could be the same as E


i don't think he looks like Enrique...

t a certain extent he kinda looks like him. but there are small details that make u look completely different. its ok ur still good looking. (i know im a straight guy but i can admit it...)

How Many Discussions Do U Make About It ?!!!

Nope ! Sry To Say This ... But No similarity ...

might be a good idea for you  ;  Lady Gaga is searching for someone lookalike Enrique !

send Ur guy pics to her !!!

I don't think so. This guy might be a bit similar but not totally look like Enrique


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