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Will the Presale be through Ticketmaster?  Please help.

Enrique you forgot Salt Lake City, you have sold out the E-center here and Vivint Smart Home Arena in previous years, I hope your team will add it to the list, Thank You....& Vegas too...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cant wait!!

ENRIQUE and PITBULL wOoOoOoOw suuuuuuuuuuuuper ♥

Fantastic!!! It's going to be a great summer.  See you soon Enrique!

Can anybody else not get on ticketmaster to look at any of this?

I have been waiting 2 and a half years to be able to show Enrique my tattoo of his autograph! Now...gotta get backstage!!!  Help me out!!!

Yes! If there is info on maybe backstage for San Jose, ca. I would be so excited . Just a dream of mine at some point in my life :). My favorite artist ever ;).

Thanks for the update. Happy he is touring soon with Pitbull. Will JLo also join............LOL

BEYOND EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOHOOOO!!!!!  IT'S BEEN TOO LONG!!!!!!  Thank you and Pitbull for touring again and coming to HOTLANTA!!!  As a birthday gift to my daughter, who has been waiting for you to show up one day, and for us ladies too (LOL!), can U & Pitbull and your crew come join me, my family and the ladies for dinner the night before the concert in ATL or for breakfast/lunch the day of the concert?  Pretty por favor?  ; )  We are close to the area where Pitbull grew up during some of his teen years here in ATL!  (My 3 kids have sent you many pm's on IG & FB over the years...please check!) We have invited you & your crew over for a "dinneroposal" (haha!), like a "promposal" multiple times!  Hope you will take us up on it!!!  The invite is always open for you guys!

Pics kids waiting on the concert to start last time u were in ATL, our signs we made for you & Pitbull but we were not allowed to bring them in to the venue after all that work : (, and a few of us standing outside hoping to meet you and welcoming you to ATL!  LOL!  We had loads of fun just being silly!  Looking forward to it again in June!  Hope we get to meet you & Pitbull this time!!!!  We have traveled all over the world for you two...including all the way to your concert at the O2!  LOL!  


I just pre-ordered tickets. Anyone know how to get a meet and greet package for his concert in Houston???

I have just bought my ticket for NY! Major excited!

BUT i have to say, I'm absolutely disgusted how much I've had to pay for this. It really isn't fair to the fans at all. I know this is throughout the industry and doesn't just apply to this concert. I went in to that presale to buy two tickets thinking it would probably cost 300 or so for the pair. But no, it was 600, which is just ridiculous. I couldn't afford that and nobody who isn't a hard core fan would pay that. So i had to buy one ticket. #loner. Takes away alot from the experience going alone. Thanks alot.


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