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New album SEX AND LOVE available now!

OMG can´t believe this!! I was the lucky winner for today´s voting party!!!

They´ll email me to let me know what I won, andI´ll let you all know what it is when I get the notification!! Let's keep voting for Enrique!

This made me smile, made my day!!

Thank you EI Mod!!



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Ohmyiglesias! WOOOOW! congrats!

thank you Jess!

Rita i am soooooo happy for you, something you deserve! keep smiling hun!!! -x-

thanks Anna!!

Checked in one more time tonite..so glad..soooo happy for you...Enrique..you know she is a LOVE..one of the sweetest girls here....your newest guardian angel is happy too...hugs..Sarah

Sarah, you´re very sweet, thanks a bunch!

You are too...let us know definitely about photos of any kisses...LOL   MUAH!!!!

I wish!! I´ll let you know!!!

congratulations ! with euh... something, lett us know..lol muah!

thanks, I will!

Oh that's great....congrets :)
My bad that bcoz of im out of city i dont have pc for use chat room :(
And when i back chat room will be closed :((((



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