Are you going? You can watch the show live here:


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I'm not at home so I can't watch it. Aaahhh ! To bad ! But good luck and have some major fun out there.

Hildeke !

ohww.. that will be at 4.30 hrs at night!

All my hopes are on Youtube.. 0_0

LOL..I am so busy and hope to see my sis tonight,,,me too..LOL..Sarah

Hugs Ananta

oh.. have a nice evening then Saar! x

I will be glued to the TV when he comes on!!!  I'm sure I will not be his only audience at my house since my husband and our children LOVE Enrique!  My daughter who is 3, says that Enrique is "Mmm, Mmm!"  I agree!!! 

a question plz

is it available only in US?

Hope I`ll be able to see it!!

Thank you so much for sharing Katie!!!

i'm just going to bed right now to have some sleep and set the alarm to see kike performing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah can''t wait to see him live (on screen) again!!!

And for the people who are going.....HAVE FUN! and for the people who will watch online...ENJOY!




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