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New album SEX AND LOVE available now!

Dont get me wrong I love the man but I cant STAND JLO! and I could care less about Wisin & Yandel.

I have decided to skip seeing him on tour this time and wait.

If its going to be like the Euphoria tour, that means a short set for each artist and this IS JLo's tour so she will be closing meaning Enrique will only perform what? 30-45 mins?

Im not going to spend $200 for that, plus Im anxious for a new album.


I'll just wait until he tours on his own and gives 2 hours of his time to us.


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you are not alone...

i am happy to hear that,

sometimes fans in here,say they don"t have money,they are poor

but they go to every concert,and buy the front row,vip or golden circle,

or they go too another country,and or the take a plane,for a EI concert

this only can happen in my dreams

i wonder how the hell how  they are doing this ????


No, you guys aren't alone.  I give up things in order to go to his concert.  By no means is it an easy financial decision.  And this tour made it a very, very difficult decision.

That said, I find so much happiness in that hour or so that he is on stage, that it fills my soul for quite a while.  You can't really put a price tag on that feeling.  

Same here....

I`m very poor too and I don`t work at all :(

That`s why I don`t travel to go to his concerts and I don`t see him from 3 years which is really unfair for me.... :'(

Your not the only one!! My parents own their one flooring business but it's never steady and I can't ask them to fork over $700 for this tour!! They paid $300 last time & it was sacrifice for them but they LIKED ALL 3 OF THE ARTISTS AND ESPECIALLY ENRIQUE!! BUT J-Lo & Wisin y Yandel aren't even worth half the money they are asking for!! So don't feel bad! I SIMPLY CAN'T AFFORD THIS EITHER!! I'm a high school student and I have to save money for tests, clothes, & pretty soon gas money!! HOPEFULLY YOU AND I CAN GO WHEN HE COMES BY HIMSELF!! My advice is just wait until he comes alone, he will be more worth the money, don't waste it on J-Lo & WyY.

You can`t imagine how much I understand you!! I miss him so much singing alone, touring alone :(((

I don`t want this tour me personally, but if it`s him involved I`ll still go to see him if they`ll come here in my country, no matter how much he`ll sing and how much money I`ll spend, `cuz I just wanna see him :( 

But hey, Enrique has to go alone on tour this time, just to sing alone and to have more from him, right?

I was very surprised at how much the price increased fro last time.  I got seats for 150 (approx) for the highest priced tix, and this time 270 for the highest priced! If the high price is not enough, Ticketmaster made things harder.  I have heard horror stories from several fans  . .. the website not working with the firefox browser, a fan got locked out, me and friend had "stupid" problems with our credit card being not accepted when there shouldn't have been any problem with them, Platinium seating checkout had a glitch in it and you couldn't check out.

Then there's my pet peeve . . . . ticketmaster deciding which seat you get . . .and if you "search again" they'll give you the same seat or rotate 3 different seats you keep getting.  These seats will be sold next or no more seats will be sold.  Why can't they show us what's available and allow us to choose which we want to buy?

For the first show in Newark, I decided to go silver VIP because it was cheaper than the highest price seats.  They wouldn't give me a seat I wanted for the highest price so I figured, if I can't have what I want, why pay top dollar?  So Silver VIP put me near the backstage for Hero girl IF he has that.  I'll be on the first level up.  I don't know if he will have a back stage but I figured I'd try that and it will give me a different perspective of the show. 

then after all the stress and difficulties, they unexpectedly added a second show!  Of course I wanted to go but I had no money left!  hahahahaha  My friend who is flying in for the first show offered to treat me for the second show.  So we are sitting up in the second level up for this show (cheaper seats) but we will be near the stage this time only way up there.  LOL

Usually I'm much closer at Enrique concerts but I guess the close seats are being sold as VIPs and with 3 big name performers, there are lots of fans from each competing for the best seats.  I admit I'm a little disappointed that fan club members were not given the opportunity to buy seats around the catwalk and near the front, as we have in the past. 

I'm sure Enrique's performance will make us forget all the hassles.  :)

I totally agree with everyone here, the tickets prices are so high and the seats are not good seats.  We tried getting good seats on the presale but the choices were terrible for the price.  Last night, we checked Ticketmaster and we found a pair of good seats but we had to pay lots of $$$.  We were hoping that all four of us would go this time around (husband, two children and myself) but only my son and are going.  This is the most I have ever paid to see Enrique and I have seen him 5 different times. The time I spent the least, he gets my son up on stage. 

And your son was so great on stage Veronica.  Memories for you forever.

Thank you Tracey!  Yes, those memories will last us a lifetime!

maybe you don't love J.LO but there are other fans love her

Enrique always makes his tours alone so, it a new to make a new tour wit a big star as J.Lo

Enrique fans plus J.Lo fans will be there so, i think it will be a very good tour for both :)

anyway I respect your opinion and i'm not a big fan of J.Lo as well !

thanks for your comment but i think your wasting your breath! these girls in here are dedicated ENRIQUE FANS!!!! they love enrique exclusily!! moustafa Jlo is good but I think the idea here is KEEP HER AWAY FROM ENRIQUE!!!! :)))


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