I want to see YOUR videos inspired by my song #HeartAttack !!! I'm picking my favorites  to create the ultimate #HeartAttack fan video. Follow the link to learn more and submit yours!!! http://www.republicrecords.com/enriqueheartattack/

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Ok Mr.Sexy, one big hard try just for you, no ones ever left me that i really wanted to keep though.

good luck US fans

Once again The "other" fans miss out... Do people at EI Team and Republic records know that Enrique has fans around the world? Kinda getting fed up of all these competitions are only open to Us residents..

 It does feel like He /or They have forgotten His Fans AROUND The REST of THIS WORLD!!!!!!!






Good Luck USA fans!!! :))

do we have to live in the usa to enter the competition?? please helpp!!

Maybe I will give this one a shoot, since I work in EMS and have some really cool ideas. 

Go for it Stephanie!!!

ohh my god! im repeating this video over and over....I just love it! it's perfect!! That girl cheating on enrique...poor thing!!..I love it I swear!!

I was at the " club" and heard dirty dancer.

Love the Heart Attack video.....but yes, Enrique you have fans all over the world, it would be nice if some contests were open to everyone.  Good luck all!  Great prize for this!


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