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Vote for mi hija Toni so she can win a meet & greet with Pitbull !

I would be so greatful if you all would do that ! You just have to go to the contest and vote ! Thanks a bunch !

Here's the link : https://www.facebook.com/pitbull?sk=app_300756626649378 ! You can vote every day for Toni. So please, por favor, ti prego :o) !

Hildeke !

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Madre I voted with my daddy facebook hehehehe! He'll never know that ;) of course I hope she wins! She deserves it a lot! Aaaww so cute, you wrote ti prego! My language! Everything for my E family!! Muah! Hope you're great! 

thanks bea so sweet


Done! =) Voted! =)

Good luck Toni! =)

thanks so much

A bit off-topic.. but do you know when will it take place? It looks Pitbull has suddenly canceled a bunch of shows in Mexico this week..He's also scheduled to perform in Orlando for the NBA- All Star this weekend (there was a promo running for it with "I Like How It Feels")..Let's hope that still goes on..and the canceled shows were probably because he's ill or something..not surprising if you look at that crazy schedule of his..wonder how he's been able to keep up with it without very few days of rest for so long :)

no I dont know he will be in canada and I will surely be touring with him..I know I feel so bad he has been pushing too hard and hope he takes alittle break cause he cant keep going on like this..sorry to hear he cancelled sure he feels bad about it too


voted:)....all the vry best..i'm sure u'll win d contest Toni!!

thanks vidhi

voted i hope she wins !!! 

thanks megi

go sweetie go sweetie go sweetie!! fingers and toes crossed.  go get your man! xoxo


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