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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES ENRIQUE!! Special THANKS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to your team, and website crew! Its going to be an AMAZING year in 2012!

My "Happy New Year" actually started October 28th of 2011 when I joined your website, Enrique, from that day forward I have been producing art, writing poems..like I never have before, sort of an explosion.. well to put it in more poetic terms; Its been: "

Never ending source of inspiration,

A fireworks display,

Seems like I can't stop, 

I've turned into a being of pure creativity, 

I feel like I'm flying, I'm so happy I could cry, 

My friends say I look like,

Someones' turned a light on,


I can't stop smiling,

Where ever I go, 

Thank you, for my little piece of heaven here, 

I had no idea this would turn out to be, 

Where myself I would come to know, 

A place where I could call home.

Author-Wanda Niesterowicz all copyrights reserved, 12.31.2011 c

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