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New album SEX AND LOVE available now!

* I had a normal childhood. There were women, but it wasn't like Hefner's Playboy Mansion. If it was, I'd still be living at home!
* My grandfather's 86 and he's having a baby. Man, I hope when I'm 86 I can have babies.
* I don't consider myself a sex symbol.
* I don't care what people say. My music's, my music.
* If your buying an album because of the face on it, you're stupid.
* At the end of the day a great melody is great - but the lyrics are what make a song timeless.
* I know it sounds corny, but when you follow your dreams, it happens. And if it's music, take it seriously.
* The power of music in Spanish is so strong, that I couldn't stay away from it any longer
* Touring is my favorite thing to do! I love the adrenaline I feel when I'm on stage and the energy I get from my fans.
* We grow from experience. My music is always changing and in constant evolution. My first album is completely different to the last album. I just follow my own taste on music.
* I like being underestimated. That's what pushes me, drives me to make a great album. I keep having to prove myself. This [music/song writing] is the only thing I know how to do, the only thing I really love.
* What won't change is always striving for that great song and that great album. That's the challenge, that's the fun, and that's what will always drive me.
* The song "Hero" is a very deep and personal song. All my songs I write come from something that's happened to me, in my life or someone I've met. But, I'll never tell what they are about. It's a secret.
* Creating a fragrance will be an exciting way to reach new fans while connecting with those people who already enjoy my music. I have always admired Tommy Hilfiger and am very excited about this new venture with Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries.

Dużo pewnie znacie, ale wszystkie wsadzam :P

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Comment by FEVO (SPAIN WILL KICK U ALL OUT) on May 18, 2010 at 9:10am
tnx 4 infos

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