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As a child I liked writing a kind of identity cards in which I described the interests, likes, tastes and preferences of myself and my family members.  And very recently I got the idea to write such a card for Enrique too, who I worship and love as much as my family.  Or even more, although I feel that I shouldn't say this.  


Below you'll find the personal card I have written about Enrique;  it includes information about his favorite food, favorite movie, favorite pop artists, most happy experiences in his life and much more. 


birth date:  May 8 1975

birth place:   Madrid.  When he was eight, he moved to Miami.  His father took Enrique along to the States to protect him against the Spanish terrorist group ETA, who kidnapped his grandfather.

 brothers en sisters:   Julio José (39), Chabelí (41), Tamara (30), Ana (23) and his brothers and sisters from the marriage between his father Julio y Miranda Reinsburger.

parents: Julio Iglesias (from Galicia, Spain) and Isabel Preysler (from the Fillipines)

sign  of the zodiac:  Taurus  

length:  1,90 m

secondary school:   Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami

university studies:    Business Administration at Miami University


hobbies:   windsurfing,  water skiing,  swimming,  making a trip by water scooter or motor boat with his dogs or girlfriend;  lying on the coach and watching football and his favorite programs, playing and hanging out with his dogs Lucas and Jack, having a glass of rum or a mojito with his friends, going to the movies, flying small planes, listening to music and of course, writing and recording music and giving concerts.  


friends:  Andres Restrepo, his band members, Red One, Mark Taylor, Cheín García, Roberto Morales, Pitbull, Wisin and Yandel, Lionel Richie, Jennifer Lopez, Alexander Sintex, Rafael Pérez Botija,  his mexican friends, his friends from Madrid who are from his childhood, his friends from Miami most of whom he got to know at High School and University. 

pets:  two very sweet and loyal dogs:  Lucas and Jack.  Jack is still very young; he has just turned one. Before he had another dog Grammy, who died in the Spring of 2010.  Grammy was like a human; every time that Enrique was packing his suitcases to go on tour he was very sad and crying and he was extremely happy and excited every time Enrique came back.  He was one of Enrique's closest friends, so his death was a severe blow to him and for many days he didn't stop crying.  I feel so sorry for Enrique.   

favorite animal:  dog

cities:  Miami, New York, Madrid, Mexico City

 countries or regions where he adores going on holiday:   Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo,  Argentina, los Cabos, la Costa del Sol and la Culebra, a small isle in the Caribbean where he likes to anchor his boat and enjoy its quietness and to take a rum with coke. 

favorite holiday destination:  Los Cabos in Mexico

favorite food:  sushi, some delicious chilaquiles, hamburgers with fried potatoes, tacos, exotic fruit

favorite kitchens:  Japonese, American, Spanish and Mexican 

vegetable:  lettuce

drink:  atlantic rum, mojito, water, tea  

sports:  windsurfing, water skiing

favorite clothing:  jeans, T-shirt, cap and tennis shoes

favorite movie: Raiders of the lost Ark

favorite actress:  Meryl Streep

favorite actor:  Anthony Hopkins

favorite book:  The old man and the sea from Ernest Hemmingway

favorite magazine:   Billboard

favorite TV-programs:   Addicted to MTV, Modern Family, American Idol, Two and a half man, 60 Minutes

music:   He listens to all kinds of music;  rock, bachata, flamenco, r&b,  hip hop, Spanish and English pop music

pop artists:  Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel.

pop groups:  Dire Straits, Police

latin artists:  Juan Luis Guerra,  Luis Miguel,  Marco Antonio Solís

song:  I'm on fire from Bruce Springsteen

example:  his father

woman for whom he had erotic dreams as a teenager:  Marilyn Monroe

favorite hero from cartoons:  Superman

favorite fairy tale:  Pinocchio

best childhood memory:  the summer holidays he spent with his family as a child and teenager at the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain. 

child dream:  something everyone knows:  Enrique dreamed about being a singer;  he nourished the ambition to write songs and perform them for thousands of people.   

he dedicated his first album to... :  his nanny, who he calls « la Seño».  He has always been (and will always be) eternally grateful to her for having cared for him for many years. Throughout his entire youth his nanny was like a loving mother for him; she listened to him, took care of him, supported him and beside giving warmth and affection she also imposed structure in his live by setting rules.  When he became famous Enrique rewarded her abundantly for her goodness and now it's him who takes care of her.    

most valued possession:  his health

objects he can't miss when he's not at home:  his caps, his tennis shoes, his blackberry

most embarrassing incident during a show:  sometimes he stumbles and falls on his buttocks.

If he hadn't been a singer, he would have been:  a pilot, a windsurfer or a songwriter composing for other pop artists. 

he hates:  hypocrisy

he feels disgusted at:  cockroaches

he is keen on:   the ocean, the beach, windsurfing, his dogs, giving concerts

personality:  perservering, perfectionist, hardworking, ambitious, competitive, stubborn, impulsive, passionate, sweet, friendly, open, accessible, sincere, sensitive, humorous, loves laughing, joking and playing pranks on others. 


some happy and unforgettable moments in his life:  

- signing his first contract with the label Fonovisa (he was eighteen)

- his first concert in Texas after his first album came out (Fall 1995)

-  the first time he listened to one of his songs on the radio. He was in Mexico promoting his first album (Fall 1995) and was driving his car when he heard his first single Si tú te vas.  He felt very proud and at the same time a bit embarrassed.

-  his first tour Vivir

-  collaborating with Witney Houston on the music video Could I have this kiss forever in January 2000

-  the moment when he heard for the first time the combination of his voice with Juan Luis Guerra's voice  in his successful Spanish single Cuando me enamoro, it was one of those magic and euphoric moments when recording his album Euphoria, one of those experiences which he says that drive him to keep passionate about his career.   



 The lucky guys of Enrique's team who are with him almost every day ...


-  his vocalist Laura Janes 

-  Joe Ayoub, who plays the bass guitar in Enrique's band

-  his guitarists Alex Feder y Emmett O' Malley 

-  his percussionist Gilmar Gomes

-  his keyboardist Richard Maheux

-   his band leader and percussionist Van Romaine

-  his official dj  Brady Wiggins

-  his manager  Fernando Giaccardi

-  his financial manager Juan Carlos Sanchez

-  his tour manager Abel Tabuyo

-  his production coordinator  Andres Restrepo who's at the same time one of his best  friends.   Andres also worked as a coproducer on Enrique's albums Enrique, Escape, Quizás and Seven. 

-  his production manager Gary Chrosniak




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