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Enrique Iglesias _"Stay Here Tonight"

"Stay Here Tonight"

I know it's late and you're tired
And we'd been talking for hours here
You don't have to tell me

I see that look in your eyes
And I know soon we'll say our goodbyes oh yeah
I feel it coming

And I hear you take a deep breath
And my hands are starting to sweat
I don't want you to
I don't want you to leave yeah

Stay here tonight, stay here tonight
'cause when you're around me everything's right, don't go
Oh, don't leave me alone
Stay here tonight, stay here tonight
I wanna hold you in my arms show you what that's like, don't go
I need you, I need you

You grab your coat and I'm dying
But I know you're still deciding, yeah
'cause nobody's moving
Time stops and everything's quiet
I'm hanging on for my life and you
You don't even see it

And then you come in closer
And baby it's not over
Till I hear you say, till I hear you say
Goodnight oh yeah

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