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Enrique at a golf course in Mexico (July 13, 2013)

Picture by @AustinTaute 

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Hopefully Enrique isn't playing golf with those clothes ... LOL

LOL..not sure the rules are also applied for celebrities..it was probably at a vacation place so I guess the rules aren't as strict then anyway.

Why? No jeans and polo shirt... :D He looks better than me when I'm playing golf... :D


Maybe Enrique wanted to buy a golf shirt and that is why he is in the shop - Maybe he was there to hire some golf clubs to play a round of golf and ended up having a fan pic taken !! Whatever the reason he is looking good : ))

Thanks for sharing! Hope he had a wonderful time! :)

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks TheNomik-Noemi!!!  :)

Enrique should buy the store if he wants to have the right look!!!  :DDD

Or his own golf course.....  ;)

But you're too Young for that guy!!!!  :D

Thank you for the pic

I didn't know Enrique was in Mexico saturday

Salut Brigitte!

Monsieur était à Los Cabos!  :)

Thanks for the picture. Enrique is such an attractive man..!

Nice picture!....here's another one!.....Wonder if he made a "hole-in-one" in this photo...lol!


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