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New album SEX AND LOVE available now!

Enrique Igelsias Bottle Opener Key Chains only $8! Grab one today!

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thanks katie

Hm..Pls.. sell this thing in Madrid in el Palacio de los deportes :D... I'll buy it for my friend :D

nice gift for anybody, but esp for Enrique's fans....

Me gustaaa :D

A bottle opener? Katie tell the merchandising team to be a little bit more imaginative than that!!! If you need any serious ideas please do contact me. I am only concerned as a serious admirer of Enriques music and i think that honesty is vital when it comes to advertising issues, we want quality items but thoughtful and imaginative goods, and you know that the fans are willing to pay,! This is just too practical and boring, but i'm sure it was cheap and cheerful to produce.

The Enrique Iglesias brand needs to be exciting and fresh especially to keep up with the young fans of today! I know that makes me sound old but i'm not !!!! You should try some other different ideas the clothing was'nt bad could be better you can develop what you alredy have!!

Bring something out for the summer celebrating all of the album success that he has had with Euphoria! But you must make it exciting and little special for all the fans.

hahahahaha! it's IGLESIAS not igelsias!!! xD

xaxaxaxax it's good :)


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