Enrique & the EI Team,

   We all want to wish you good luck on this next leg of the tour. India has been waiting and they are so excited for you to come. We all wish and pray that you and the team have a safe trip.


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Have s safe trip everyone and enjoy yourselves...we are so ready to see you guys

eagerly waitin'!

come soon...! 

Safe travels everyone and have a complete blast!!! Can't wait to hear and see all the news.

Good topic, Stephanie!

Yes, we all wish you a safe and and fun trip. And we can't wait to hear all about it SOON*!

*= in fan language: within a very short period of time. LOL

Have a safe Trip guys !! Desperately waiting for you here in India :)

So sweet of you Stephanie :)

Safe travels and Happy touring to you Enrique and your team!

Also all the way from Belgium ... have a safe flight (all of you) and have lots of fun over there. It will be amazing to stand there before the Indian crowd. I met some of them in person (Megha & Iona) and they are awesome. So I'm sure it will be wonderful. Good luck and enjoy it for the fullest !

Hildeke !

Have a safe Trip Enriqoe and Good luck you going to Rock as always:)

Cant wait to see photos and videos:)woow Im excited for you India Fans.

Aaaaw such a nice topic!!!

Wishing you also a super great time in India.....i know you are so excited to go there again after a few years.....Good luck Kike and enjoy your shows and your time there to the fullest!!!

We'll be waiting for videos, pictures and stories aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah can't wait! i will be sooooooo happy when im watching your gorgeous videos while im in chilmode in my pyjama's hahahah what a satisfied fan huh?! lol damn i cant wait to see you again....please after India you can take a short break and then come to europe again...vale? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Ok Enrique.....good luck and have fun! do what you always do!....rock the stage!

Mhuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah love you much!




Mrs. Iglesias


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