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New album SEX AND LOVE available now!

hey  guys!!!  did  u  hear  that>>  enrique's  latest  album is  gonna  release>>already  2  of  his  songs  has  been  released  @  others  of  16-17  is  knocking  at  the  door.  "ALIVE"  is  a  great  song  &  it's  wonderful...." IT  MUST  BE  LOVE"  was  written  by  him.... u must  check  this  two  songs..(  amazing)

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Sorry but I don't think those will be on it..

Instead, he revealed in an interview with Venezuelan paper "El Universal" today he has recorded a duet recently for the new CD with Juan Luis Guerra ! Wow !

Oh my god!! Silentocean, u always bring good news in here...heheh!...WOW! enrique singing with Juan luis guerra? wow!...isnt he a merenguero?? Enrique singing merengue?? uy! I wanna see him shaking those hips...hahahah!!!....Cant wait for the new album...U think album should be ready by march?? kinda early...eh?? I dont know....but well...thank u for the article...u rock girl!
yyah!!!! that's true but these two songs r from his new album....& "IT MUST BE LOVE" written by him.......... O.K.!!1
no,it won`t be in his new album this song!!!:S it`s an unreleased track from insomniac,Enrique has told it in a message on say now,didn`t you hear it? :)
Actually these two songs are unreleased tracks from Insomniac that Enrique donated for Haiti. Still can't wait for the new album!!!
Oh..wooow!! Juan??? es una pena que no soy yo...jejejeje))) me temo que tendra demasidos dúos en un nuevo disco, no??
hablando en general, ya quiero una nueva canción española por entero y yo prefiero cuando enrique canta solo...últimamente Enri canta con muchos artistas. No quiero que su próximo disco compacto sea saturados de los dúos.
I don't think those two songs will be on it.. Ines, i think it will be not march. It seems to me that now enrique is busy by actions for Haiti and the album will be ready in 2-3 quarter of this year.. what do u think? but i can't wait anymore too...
hehe.. duet Enri with Juan.. heheh)) I like it...


silentocean, thanks for info
lol.....juan,do you think that it's gonna be a duet between enrique and you?:P....j/k.
oow.. y más.. "En lo único que fui enfático fue en que mi cuarto de baño debe estar muy limpio y que haya agua" - jejejejeje...que limpio! oigo la primera vez sobre las exigencias de Enrique. Haha))
yeah naharin,silentocean is right.these songs were originally meant for Insomniac.
thnx for the tag,anyway:)


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